Engraved Wine Glasses as Corporate Gifts – Engraving vs. Imprinting

An overview and guide to using wine glasses for events and as corporate gifts.

Over the years CorporateGiftsandFlowers.com by CEShoppes ® has become a premier source of decorated wine glasses and has provided decorated stemware to clients for all manners and scales of events.

Needless to say we get a lot of questions involving the etiquette and best methods of decorating wine glasses for corporate recognition and company brand promotions.

Traditionally wine glasses have been engraved with monograms, commemorative date and names, such as weddings and anniversaries and more recently corporate logos.

Today wine glass engraving or ‘etching’ is normally accomplished by covering the glass with a ‘mask’ or ‘film pattern’, then ‘sand is ‘blown’ against the surface.  Wherever the glass is not protected by the masked pattern, it becomes ‘etched ‘or ‘engraved’ as the sand strikes the surface.

This method is used to create very detailed work and can reproduce graphics and company logo artwork. It is the most common used wine glass engraving method.

The alternate method is similar but uses a laser to engrave the art and text rather than sand blasting.

Although this can also produce detailed work the engraving is generally shallower and therefore not used as much in corporate wine glass and barware engraving.

Wine glasses normally are ‘engraved’ when the value of the glass is above $5.00 and in smaller quantities or as special gifts.

Wine glasses can also be imprinted with ink and is a less expensive method of decoration, which is why it is used for less expensive stemware and when it is necessary to decorate a large number of glasses with an identical logo or message.

As part of the imprinting process the stemware is heat treated to permanently bond the ink to the stemware in the same manner as imprinting ceramic coffee cups.

It is important to note that most commercial stemware decorators have a special color ink that is used for imprinting stemware to “look” like it is engraved or “frosted”.

This method is very popular for decorating stemware for events and gives the stemware an upscale look.

Because the process is priced per color it also allows the wine glass to be decorated on both sides at no extra charge, one for the event name and the other side for a date or sponsor logo or name.

This process is also called ‘satin imprinting’ or ‘satin etch’, even though it is not actually etching or engraving the wine glasses.

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