Riedel Vinum Burgundy Engraved Wine glasses description and use

http://CorporateGiftsandFlowers.com/Engraved-Wine-Glasses The Vinum Burgundy glass is excellent for full-bodied red wines (more than 12.5 percent alcohol) with high acidity and moderate tannin. The Riedel Burgundy wine glass is 8-1/4 inches tall and holds 24-3/4 ounces

This glass directs the flow of wine onto the zone of the tongue which perceives sweetness, thereby highlighting the rich fruit and tempering the high acidity of the wine. The large bowl captures all the nuances of the wine’s aroma.
NOTE: Although this glass is quite differently shaped from the equivalent Sommeliers glass, the Burgundy Grand Cru (400/16), both designs are as effective in bringing out the character of the wine because they control the flow of the wine onto the palate in the same manner.
Recommended for: Barbaresco, Barbera, Barolo, Burgundy (red), Gamay, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir.
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